35+ Choosing Good Dreamy Master Bedroom Ideas and Designs

The master bedroom should be the crowning are of any home. While living rooms, kitchens and recreation rooms will probably get more use and be seen by more people, the master bedroom is your place of respite and solitude, where you can shut the door and escape the chaos of everyday life. Designing a bedroom with a contemporary layout can be easily done by using the right furniture designs, colors and styles. With a modern master bedroom you’ll not only enjoy a comfortable place that is easy to relax in but also benefit from tasteful décor that speaks to a modern generation.

When planning a contemporary master bedroom consider buying discount bedroom sets. Piecing together an entire bedroom with different furniture from different designers is an arduous task that can take a lot of time and patience. Unless you have a lot of free time to spend mixing and matching furniture you’re better off choosing a bedroom set. You can find many top brand name furniture manufacturers that offer full master bedroom sets including beds, dressers and mirrors, end tables and nightstands.

To achieve a modern décor in your master bedroom consider using high quality hardwood furniture with minimalist designs and dark colors. Many bedroom sets feature traditional wood in soft browns so to create a more contemporary look use darker shades such as dark cherry or black. The less tone and texture you have in your furnishings the more modern it will appear. Starting with the bed, a clean and simple panel or sleigh headboard made of solid hardwood and finished in a deep wood color will get your bedroom started correctly.

Once you have the bed in place you can then move on to accent furniture such as end tables, nightstands, dressers, mirrors and chests. Try to keep the same style going throughout the room. The more you mix and match different brands the less modern the room will look. If you have a bed, dresser and nightstand from the same manufacturer you can get the same design and color which can’t always be achieved with different furniture suppliers. With all your bedroom furniture in one style with dark wood colors you can easily get a modern look.

Laying out your master bedroom furniture should be done with careful consideration to space. When rooms are cluttered or crowded it’s hard to achieve a contemporary décor. Modern style means minimalism and when thinking contemporary, remember less is more. Try to keep as many clothes, shoes and jewelry neatly stored in dressers, jewelry armoires and chests to leave the room free from clutter. Also space your furniture out so it doesn’t appear to be touching. The more space you have between master beds, dressers, nightstands and chairs, the more contemporary your master bedroom will look.

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