38 Gender Neutral Nursery Design Ideas

If you’re having trouble deciding on your baby nursery decoration, the first thing to do is just step back, relax, and decide to have fun with it. It doesn’t have to be a stressful or hard endeavor, and is quite fun for most expectant parents if they allow themselves enough time in advance of the baby’s arrival.

Deciding On the Color Scheme

The first step is to just decide what colors to use. There are so many to choose from and the baby nursery colors are one of the best ways to set the mood for the nursery. You may be aware that pink for girls and blue for boys have historically been the default colors, but that’s not the case anymore. Today, expectant parents have way more freedom when choosing colors, patterns, fabrics, accessories and much more. It’s a good idea to choose neutral tones accented with brighter colors. Don’t go overboard with the color scheme though since over stimulation for babies needs to be avoided in the first year or so. You want to use soothing colors during the time your child is being introduced to the world. We suggest calming, cool colors such as soft blues, purples, greens, etc. Bold colors should only be used sparingly.

Baby Crib Bedding Set Choices

After you’ve decided on a color scheme, we suggest looking for a baby nursery bedding set that closely matches your choices since the crib and bedding will be the focal point of the nursery. After these are chosen you can work outward and decide on accessories, wall decoration, etc. There are many brand choices for baby nursery bedding, and this decision can be a bit overwhelming for new parents. To make it easy, we suggest playful, yet sophisticated classics that are highly functional and pleasant to baby’s skin. Fabrics are important, so you want to choose 100% cotton or organic cotton sets, such as, Migi, Cotton Monkey, BananaFish, and Glenna Jean – all very beautiful and affordable brands.

The Nursery Wall Design

Next on your list is to decide on your baby nursery wall decoration. The walls can be painted, or wall papered. However once you’ve made that decision, we suggest a wall decoration set, and/or wall stickers. Add to your child’s limitless imagination and show more of our world to your little one. Not only do wall are and wall stickers provide more visual appeal to the nursery, they provide mental stimulation your child needs in his or her early years. They really do transform the nursery into a fun and stylish paradise. This is a great way to save money too if you don’t have the budget to repaint your nursery walls. The wall stickers come in all shapes , sizes and designs from animals to butterflies, to fireflies. The quality stickers are made from vinyl and are completely removable without damaging any point or wall paper.

Hopefully these ideas offer a nice framework to begin this wonderful nursery decorating journey. Just remember to start early enough so it’s not a stressful, rushed process down the road closer to your delivery.