Travel Agent License

Many people have the interest to be a travel agent as their career because there are many benefits that they can get, such as getting a chance to visit some places in the world. Being a travel agent should have the ability to give travel advice, offering travel packages, finding out about pleasant vacation spots, and confirming itinerary. But, do you need a travel agent license in order to be a travel agent?

Bottom view of a plane in the sky

Bottom view of a plane in the sky

Well, you have to figure out first whether your country requires travel agents to have a travel agent license or not. There are some states of the United States of America that require you to have a license of a travel agent and be registered. Those states are California, Nevada, Hawaii, Iowa, Washington, and Florida. You have to submit your registration application if your state requires you to do so. The form of travel registration is most likely to be available in the department of justice or department of consumer affairs in your state.

Besides a registration fee, you will be also required to post a performance obligation or create a trust account. If you have the intention to have a travel agent license, you have to finish all those duties within 10 days or less. If you are living in a state where a license of a travel agent is not needed, you are still able to be a home-based travel agent or being the one under an agency that is able to increase your credibility.

You have to know that every state might apply different requirements in order to have a travel agent license. The fee of application might also be different in every state. If you want to be a trustworthy travel agent and easily get a big opportunity in this field, a license of a travel agent is quite a must and important. Besides the license, you also need to have a specific bank account for your travel agent business, and an ID number of federal taxpayer. Do not forget to register your company.

By having a travel agent license, the customers will most likely to choose you instead of the unlicensed ones. Moreover, if you want to be considered as a professional travel agent, having this license is highly recommended. Even though your state does not require you to have one. Those are the things you should consider when you are planning to get this license.